Hey y’all 🙂

Up until recently I have been unemployed. I now turn interviews down daily (I know, baller, right?) Sort-of.

Here is my life right now:

I work at Starbucks part time, and I work freelance the other part…time. I know what you’re thinking “Good lord, can she get any more stereotypical than being a struggling design graduate, living in Toronto, working at Starbucks?” Well, it could be worse…I could wear really alternative-hippy clothing, ride a single speed to and from work (which I will be doing, its just faster than walking) AND I could be living in Trinity-Belwoods… or worse… Parkdale. All that said, I do like both jobs, and money is money (those student loans don’t pay themselves)

Interesting fact: I printed 50 resumes, managed to hand out less than half of them, and the two jobs I took were from online applications and referrals.

You may or may not be wondering where I got this freelance job! WELL, I don’t know if I’ve ever talked about Scott Christie, but he was my boss at Interbrand, as well as being a former prof at Humber. I also have stolen him as my mentor, I’m not sure he is aware of that…but I like to think he is. Moving on; Scott sent me an email a few weeks ago introducing me to a freelancer. She’s wicked, and I love her work, so I was naturally excited to set up an interview. Then I learned that Scott spoke very highly of me, which put my excitement level through the roof, along with my anxiety of keeping up to that standard. Apparently my new freelance boss liked what she saw, because we just talked about extending my contract!

As much as I have loved my two-month vacation–and believe me, it was needed after three years of design school–but if anyone knows me, they know I like to keep busy. After you work three jobs while doing a full time college course, its easy to work only two jobs (I would also like to point out that I made Honour Roll that year, and the year after…) Ehhh, I’ve got some bragging rights.

In other news, completely unrelated to jobs:

Congratulations to Jake and Siobhan! Their new baby boy, Miles, is the cutest little ginger. I’m a bit late on this congratulatory piece, he’s about a month and a half old now. But he’s the sweetest. And he is the very cause of Adam’s intense baby fever. Ugh. No babies for us! Not yet anyways.

AND another congratulations to Adam’s little sister Megan, who married Glynn last weekend. The wedding was small and intimate, on a golf course up in Lindsay. It was really beautiful and I’m very happy for them and their upcoming baby in November!

So many things happening. And its nearing the one year mark until my very own wedding. Holy jeez. In fact, I’m going to try dresses on tonight! Wish me luck… In case you haven’t seen it yet here is a shot of my favourite dress from the last excursion…

A little journey in Trenton brought me here, with my life long bestie.

A little journey in Trenton brought me here, with my life long bestie.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

I have things to do, BYE!


Love, Amber