I’m going to be a bit shy, seeing as this is my first real-life blog post. I’m sure I will open up by the end, just hold in there.

Pretty original title, huh? I know. For me this is the beginning (and end) of a large part of my life. Lets start with the endings; I just finished my three-year course at Humber College, which in turn, means I finished my life as a student (I suppose I will always be a student if we want to get philosophical, but this isn’t that kind of blog.) I will be finishing my job at Humber as a print tech, and I am ending my trips to the west end (what is there in Etobicoke, anyway?). Now, beginnings!

I am being reborn into the wild! (aka “the real world”) Sounds really fun, no? I’m scared. I start my one-month-i-hope-i-get-a-job-after internship at Interbrand. If you haven’t heard of them, they are the largest branding company in the world. They have offices everywhere (hellooooo, travel!) which is why getting a job after my internship would be ideal. But let’s not get me too worked up on that, I start dreaming…sigh… more beginnings! I begin to start REALLY planning my wedding for next August. Did I tell you I’m making the paper for the invitations? And letter pressing them? I’m stoked. This is also the beginning of my blog, inspired by a friend who inadvertently has taught me a lot about social media,(and has one of the cutest dogs) Sara Hamil.And last–but not least– the bootcamp. I’m kicking my own ass for the sheer size it has gotten in the past three years. Freshman-fifteen? More like stress out and eat my weight in pizza. So thus begins, the 50lb weight-loss challenge. No, I’m not doing P90X or any crazy dietary regiments. I’m just eating better, working out, and signing up for Burlesque classes (just for fun, not a second career–don’t worry, Dad).

You may ask “Why Burlesque?” so, here’s a list;
1. I dance alone in my house anyways, why not learn some proper moves?
2. I seriously love dancing.
3. I can’t let these curves go to waste! I may lose weight, but curves are forever.
4. Working out is blah, I need something fun fun fun!
5. I’ve been watching Burlesque (the movie) I know it’s lacking in the story line, but C’MON, who’s not looking at the ladies? huh? huh? they look badass!

That about sums up the Beginning. I opened up! Just like I said I would. Overall I’m very excited for where life is headed. I feel stronger than before, more determined. This is real life. The wild. Stay tuned for my many future endeavours. I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve for making life a bit more interesting.

Thanks for reading!

Let me know what you’re starting! New hobbies? New career choice? I want to hear it! We can inspire each other.