My goodness. It’s mid January and my life has done a 180.

So some of you may have seen my Facebook share of the Faren Agency page. And yes, I work there.

Normally, a job takes a while to acquire. You have to apply, wait for an interview call, sometimes there is more than one interview, then you have to wait for a call back. While waiting, you can feel your entire body in a state of unease and—oh my god! Has my hairline receded?! Why am I sweating through my clothes!?

Yeah. We’ve all been there.

Well, I am happy to say that once you are on the nice list with Scott Magic-man Christie, Christmas is always.

That’s right, this job sort of fell on my lap. With such timing!

Here’s a breakdown of what happened:
First, Una contacted me within the first week of 2014. Great start! She had a new project for me to work on.
So I had been working on this project for less than a week and Una and I had a meeting set up. It was Wednesday afternoon and I did a quick email check before I left the house for the meeting. I had an email from Scott. The subject title: Job Opportunity. Who doesn’t love seeing that from anyone else but I hastily opened the email, scared and excited. I scanned the email, then decided I would reply on the streetcar. I get to the meeting, set up my computer and Una and I get to work. After the meeting I did my usual email check. I had a few from Scott, and the guy he was introducing me to. I read the email to Una that Steve Garwood wanted me to meet him for an interview the very next day. I obviously had deadlines with Una that were fast approaching, not to mention I worked at Starbs. Una knows Steve through Pylon, Scott’s old company, so she suggested to tell Steve that I’m busy with her work and that I can come in next week. Well, that’s what I did. Not because Una said to, but because I hadn’t finished my portfolio or my resume— or anything, really —and I sure as shit wasn’t going to get it done by tomorrow afternoon.
Fast forward to about 10 that Wednesday night, I get an email from Steve. He really wants me to come in tomorrow, even if it’s after hours. If it’s this urgent, I will make it happen. I’m not missing out on this opportunity. So I wake up the next morning and I hustle. Finished my portfolio the night before and updated my resume. Ran my ass to the art supply store and to UPS to print everything out. I came home and brought out every tool I own. We’re talking the circular saw, the drill, and god knows what else. I got it done. Now to fix my self. My sweaty, dusty, gross self. I got all interviewed up and headed to my first job interview for an agency.
I finally get to the studio in the junction. There’s nothing around this place. It’s barren, with the sweet smell of chocolate. Not bad.
I find the suite number and see the nice Faren logo on the door. This is it. Guess who greets me? A French bulldog named Basil (Bah-zil, not Bay-zil). If anyone reading knows me, any dog is good times, but a French bulldog? I am but a puddle of cuddles. My first thought: Will he fit in my purse? My second thought: I must work here. Always trust a frenchie to lead you to goodness.
I don’t really know how long normal interviews last but this one was long, and I didn’t notice how long until I left nearly 2 hours later. The interview started with compliments from Steve and Bryan (two of three partners) on my portfolio. To which I impulsively responded “thanks, I made it today!” Most would tell you that you’ve ruined the interview and you should probably just go home but I knew I was in good company when I got a roaring laugh from both men and a thank-you for my for honesty.
The time flew by as they looked through my portfolio and gave me the down low on the history of the company. I left in high spirits and they told me I should know by the next day.
I’ve never had such a case of the mopey Mondays on a Friday. My stomach was flip flopping at work, my heart randomly racing when I thought about it. I was desperate to take my mind off of my expecting email. I was also at Starbucks and refreshing my phone emails every 5 minutes (curse you, etsy emails!) After work, still no email. My dad was texting me every half hour, which didn’t help my crushing anxiety. I finally got the email around 7pm.
I got it. I wanted to cry but I was so stunned I just stared at the word ‘offer’ for a while.
Instert me calling everyone and telling them.
Oh I forgot one important detail; it was Friday… They wanted me to start on Monday. Eep! I have my schedule for Starbucks already. Well, some things take priority over others. I went into Starbucks the next morning and quit. I worked my last shift on Sunday, walked into Faren at 9AM Monday.
It’s the end of my first week. I’m in love. I’m so in love with the culture of a small team, the comedic and no bullshit atmosphere. I love every bit of my job; My bosses, our web developer, my desk and my crazy desk set up. I couldn’t be happier where I am right now and it happened so fast I didn’t have time to think. I just did.

Lesson learned here: no one is ever joking when they say grab life by the horns. You get the best experience. I will forever live like this. I. Am. Yes. Man.


Ps. This is Basil. Heh heh!