Sorry for the taylor swift reference. I have to say that today has been a strange day.
My past birthdays have always been a big deal. Not because everyone else made it so, but because I made it so. Everyone else just went along with my shenanigans. As a younger kid I demanded that my dad, myself and a few close friends take the day off school and go to wonderland. Last year I had a throwback birthday and did the wonderland trip with my childhood bestie. It was a good time. Nostalgic.
This year, however, is different. The most exciting part of my day was lunch. It was exciting due to its pure delicious qualities, and I got to eat it with Adam. That was nice.
For some of you this may sound like a regular birthday, or some may not give their birthday a chance to blossom into a beautiful self-indulgence but I am not like some of you. I like to be spoiled and I like attention. I have been spoiled and a lot of attention has come my way today, but it feels… different.
I’m pretty sure this birthday means I am a grown up. I have bills to pay, an office job, my own house, a dog and an almost husband. It’s not all about me. It’s about them.
Consensus from this little brain tornado: This birthday may not be a big deal to anyone else, but it is a big turning point for me. Instead of my birthdays being about me, they are now my personal thanksgiving. So thank you to all that helped make me who I am today. My parents (called my mum this morning to thank her for birthing me) my beautiful friends, my almost-husband Adam, my grandparents, and everyone who’s touched my life. You all make everyday better.

Alright enough mushy stuff. The countdown for karaoke is on.