Hey again,

Here’s what’s new in my wedding-filled life:

This past Friday, August 23rd was the one year mark until I marry my best friend (Sorry to all my other best friends, if polygamy was legal we’d all be married and its getting weird so I’m going to stop now.)

“So what?” You may ask. SO! I have less than a year to make a wedding happen. It’s nerve wracking. Don’t get me wrong, I know that everything will be beautiful and it will go off without a hitch, but in order for me to be sure of that I need to worry my face off for the next, uhm, 362 days.
Here’s the list of have-dones:
Venue – check!
Dress – check!
Bridesmaids dresses – picked!
Decorations – uhm, ask my mother. You should see the amount of greenery she’s planted. She’s amazing.
As you and I can see from reading that short list I still have a lot to do. A lot more than I thought, now that I look at it. Maybe the list wasn’t a great idea.

Aside from the obvious stress of planning a wedding, I am ultimately beyond excited to have all of our family and friends together to witness our most special day. And even beyond that I will have the honour of marrying my best friend, the one person that grounds my flighty mind. I tear up every time I think about it. I know it’s getting sappy up in here but I’m just being honest. Here comes the sappiest of sapp…
I truly believe everyone should have the privilege of feeling this much love in their life. It’s overwhelming at times, but loving someone so purely, and knowing that love is being returned, well, there’s nothing like it in the world.

Alright enough sap. I hope you got a little teary. Heh heh!

Oh, one last story before I go! The dress. That’s right. The. Dress. I found it. It’s was the last dress of the bunch I chose. After trying on about 10 different wedding dresses I started thinking that my decision wouldn’t be a finale of sorts. I thought I would just pick one of the many I tried on and make it work. I really liked a lot of dresses I tried, only loved a few, but there were none I couldn’t live without. Until the last one. As I was climbing into the dress I started to get really nervous. Almost dizzy. I explained how I was feeling to the sales lady (Larissa) and she kept telling me it was a bit too big and that it can be altered. Now, I will give a bit of detail for the story’s sake. It has a corset back, so I was in agony waiting for Larissa to finish doing it up. All the while my belly was turning, I started sweating and still feeling a bit dizzy. When she said it was good to go, I came out the doors to see Madison’s (my maid of honour) face. I could tell through her eyes that this was a good one. I turned to look in the mirror and immediately buried my face in my hands. And began to sob. It is absolutely perfect. Everything about it. I had my “Say Yes to the Dress” moment! Yay!

Alright, time to finalize the invitations.




Ps this is Carly in her beautiful bridesmaid dress!