Hello again,

One second while I dust off the cobwebs of this deserted blog.

Firstly, much better. Secondly, sorry for the two month vacancy of my brain train. Lots has been happening and I will surely catch you up in the coming paragraphs. I missed you guys! My humble, small amount of readers who are mostly close friends and curious family members. Even if you are neither of those, I miss you too. And I thank you for coming back (or reading for the first time)!

As previously mentioned, I haven’t written a blog post in two-ish months. It has been a busy two-ish months. Between getting wedding ready —in more ways than just planning— my new job, freelance work and working at Adam’s Uncle’s print shop, oh and my crazy lifestyle change, my spare time has been hijacked.

Let’s start with wedding prep! Some of you may have seen the wedding website. I will be posting the engagement photos on our blog there tonight.
More wedding news; I don’t have back butt in my dress anymore! That’s right! IM BACK FAT FREEEEEE! Maybe not 100% but it’s wayyyy sexier back there.
More on that later.
All we really need now is an officiant. Yikes.

Okay enough wedding stuff, save that for the wedding blog.

Next on the docket: job(s)! I kind of have three of them. As per usual with me. Regular Monday to Friday I’m at Faren, doing my design thang, and Saturdays I’m at The Mail Slot, doing a bit of design work for Adam’s uncle, but mostly I’m running the store so he can have a day off. In between that I’m doing a few small freelance jobs. Nothing too exciting there.
The Faren job is going well, we’re growing, which is exciting to be a part of. We’re certainly a tight-knit family there and I couldn’t ask for anything better.
*insert single happy tear*

Last but not least: my lifestyle change.
If you are a consistent reader, you know that my NYE resolution was to give up processed sugar. I didn’t do too bad but I cheated a few times and ended up saying “screw it” around the typical 5 week mark. It sucks being the norm sometimes. Oh well, moving on.
I think I did one better than giving up on sugar though. I walked up to Goodlife and signed up for a membership. Some of you may not blink an eye at having a gym membership, it’s probably common sense. For me, however, it is not. I have never owned a membership to anywhere except places I can buy lots of things and get points that will never amount to anything.
This is a big step for me, but I one–upped that as well and spent some change on a personal trainer. Have I peaked your interest? I always had a mindset that personal trainers are for celebrities and models who’s jobs are their bodies. I am here to tell you: it’s the best thing I have ever done for myself. Ever. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone— do it at least once!
Here’s a breakdown of what to expect (it will make it less scary for anyone intimidated by the idea):
You start off by paying a large sum of money that you soon come to realize is a smart investment in your health. You are then assigned a trainer based on your fitness level and preferences (male or female). I chose female, just cause, ya know… Comfort? Anyways, my trainer called me to set up our first few sessions and we were off to the races!
My first session was measurements, BMI calculations and talk about my current lifestyle. All that followed by an hour long workout. Then a suggested 30 minutes of cardio.
Observation time:
I’m so out of shape
Why have I never done this?
I love Anita (my trainer)

The best part about investing in a personal trainer is the support. I thank all my friends and family that support me but there is nothing like a personal trainer’s support. Anita and I text each other about what I’m eating, I can ask her anything and it’s really comforting having someone who knows what’s best for you— since I struggle with acknowledging what’s best for me, it’s perfect.
Okay, so I said the best thing about having a personal trainer was the support, but truly the best part of my experience —I’m not saying this will happen always— is that I have made a fabulous new friend. Gosh, she’s great.

Okay you probably don’t want to hear about how much I enjoy my personal trainer. Go get your own!

As for the rest of my lifestyle, I’m down to one meal a day with gluten (the rest of my meals are gluten free.) I’m eating mostly fruits and veggies, I can now easily hold a plank for almost a minute (could barely do it for 15 seconds when I started) and I’ve lost inches all over the place— hello, waist!

I feel amazing. The scale hasn’t been going down too much (muscle gain and all that science) but I’m not worried about that. I like my body.

This is my declaration: I don’t want to be skinny, to have a thigh gap (good for those who have one, but I don’t think a gap between my thighs is a measure of my health or beauty). I want to be healthy. I want to feel good, energetic, fit. Most importantly; I want these things because I want them. Not because anyone has told me I need to —and lord knows I’ve been told I need to “lose 50 lbs”.
Will power!

Haters gonna hate… And all that.

So my life has changed. Evolved. For the better. I love it. It’s hard, but when have I ever backed down from a challenge? Always… I’m not very good at competing. Maybe that was a bad avenue to go down.
I’m going to kick some ass. Watch out! And if anyone wants a workout buddy, I’m up for anything! Let’s play!

That’s all for now, folks!
Stay tuned for my post about axe throwing! That’s rrrrright! Hehehehhhh.