The last time I wrote a blog was the end of August, which marked exactly one year before I marry Adam. I was waiting to hear back from Interbrand, working for Una and working at Starbucks. I didn’t write in September because everything was pretty calm… then October hit. It’s been a rough month.

Well Starbucks will be explained through the Interbrand Story. Let’s start there… Y’all know I’ve been waiting for the call/email that brought me the job I’ve been waiting for…and it finally came. I was in contact with an HR rep and we were sorting out the details, she called with an offer for a Freelance position, which would turn into full time once another designer left. I was even more excited when she asked me to start Monday (Monday, at the end of September) I called Starbucks right away and told them I’d be finished in two weeks. I didn’t want Starbucks getting in the way of my availability (a little too desperate, present me says to past me). So I waited for the contract. Then Friday came and I began to semi-panic. There was no contract, I was supposed to start Monday… what was happening? Well, turns out I would have to wait until mid October… no problem. I was finished Starbucks in a few weeks, my contract with Una was done at the end of September. It’s all good.
Now, I don’t blame anyone but myself for what happened. I waited way too long for a job to come along instead of going out and looking for one myself. So I sat around for two or three weeks waiting. Not knowing what was happening, but just expecting them to call and I’d go in and work and get paid.
Graduation! I graduated on wednesday! Awesome speaker. He was charming, funny, and best of all; he told it how it is. He told us “Failure is good, you have to fail to know the true greatness of what you can accomplish” or something like that. That night I find out that there is no chance I’m getting a job at Interbrand before the new year. I have a wedding to save for, bills that are screaming at the back of my mind. I have nothing. Nothing to look forward to, nothing.
Insert day of feeling like a total loser here.

So here we go. I learned my first LARGE life lesson. Don’t wait for things to happen Don’t wait too long for things to happen. There is a comfortable waiting time, but back in August when my instincts started to panic, I should have started moving on. Instead, I got caught off guard and now I’m starting anew (a bit late for my liking). But here is my next life lesson: Sometimes a fresh start is required. Now I’m redesigning my portfolio and website, applying for jobs on my own. I never really went though that because I knew about my internship before I thought about applying. New is good. I’m excited! As cliche as this entire blog post is (girl fails, blah blah, girl rises from ashes as beautiful phoenix and kicks ass, blah blah) I’m not standing still anymore, I’m moving forward.

If there is one thing I don’t regret is make great connections, worked with amazing minds. I know I’ll be fine. I had to have learned something…right?

Thank you to Scott and Una for teaching me and bringing me under their wings.
And thanks Mom, Dad and Adam for throwing the words of the Grad speaker in my face repeatedly. And for supporting me and all that.


Hopefully I will have good news soon. Keep an eye on the website for updates!