Ah, the most common of topics I am encountering on the internet as of late. I’ve been reading a lot of articles on self love, and I think it’s really important to keep the ball rolling. I’ve been on a roller coaster of body issues my whole life, so this rising community of support has […]

Hello again, One second while I dust off the cobwebs of this deserted blog. Firstly, much better. Secondly, sorry for the two month vacancy of my brain train. Lots has been happening and I will surely catch you up in the coming paragraphs. I missed you guys! My humble, small amount of readers who are […]

My goodness. It’s mid January and my life has done a 180. So some of you may have seen my Facebook share of the Faren Agency page. And yes, I work there. Normally, a job takes a while to acquire. You have to apply, wait for an interview call, sometimes there is more than one […]

It’s time! A fresh start, a clean slate, a sparkling new year! But this post isn’t just going to cover my wants and wishes for the new year, it’s going to be a refresh of my 2013. Mainly for myself, to reflect on my seemingly interesting year. Let’s start with last New Year’s Eve. Adam […]

The last time I wrote a blog was the end of August, which marked exactly one year before I marry Adam. I was waiting to hear back from Interbrand, working for Una and working at Starbucks. I didn’t write in September because everything was pretty calm… then October hit. It’s been a rough month. Well […]

Hey again, Here’s what’s new in my wedding-filled life: This past Friday, August 23rd was the one year mark until I marry my best friend (Sorry to all my other best friends, if polygamy was legal we’d all be married and its getting weird so I’m going to stop now.) “So what?” You may ask. […]

Hey y’all 🙂 Up until recently I have been unemployed. I now turn interviews down daily (I know, baller, right?) Sort-of. Here is my life right now: I work at Starbucks part time, and I work freelance the other part…time. I know what you’re thinking “Good lord, can she get any more stereotypical than being […]

Good morning and happy Friday! Not that it matters to me if its Friday, because if you haven’t noticed from my mid-day Facebook updates…I’m unemployed! Everyday is Friday when you don’t have a job. Now it’s been about 2-maybe-3 weeks since I last updated ya’ll on my progress that is life. But we have all […]

Sorry for the taylor swift reference. I have to say that today has been a strange day. My past birthdays have always been a big deal. Not because everyone else made it so, but because I made it so. Everyone else just went along with my shenanigans. As a younger kid I demanded that my […]

Alright alright, so the “once a week” rule didn’t turn out the way I wanted. So what? I’m a busy lady. I’m not that busy. I’ve been procrastinating. So if you read my last blog, you know I started my internship two (nearly three) weeks ago, now with only a week left. I will start […]